Saturday, May 31, 2014

My new favorite TV program: Cosmos

A few months ago, a new TV program called "Cosmos" began airing in the U.S.

From the start of the of the first episode, I knew that this program was going to be something I liked.

The show may be a bit difficult to understand but, Cosmos talks about the reasons we are who and where we are. The show covers many different areas, such as the Big Bang, to the reasons for evolution, as well as, tries to explain space and the stars.

The more I watch this program, the more I begin to think just how amazing life here on earth is.

Click here for a short clip on the evolution of dogs.

In the video clip, the host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, explains how all dogs come from the same ancestor, the wolf.

That's right! All dogs from the Chihuahua, to the Great Dane, all the different dogs we know were created by man.

I think it is amazing to think about how in just a short span of around 15,000 years, man chose the traits that we liked and created all the breeds we know today.  Actually, most of the kinds of dogs we know were created within the past few centuries.

When I watch this show, I just can't but feel such gratitude for being alive in such an amazing universe.

With this, according to a recent study from Harvard, the chances of YOU being alive is,
1 in 10^2,685,000

So go out and enjoy your day and celebrate YOU, the wonderful, special YOU.