Thursday, May 1, 2014

President Obama stops vending machines in Japan?!?

erception (知覚). 

It is very important to understand that perception isn't always the same as reality. 

During his latest tour to selected countries in Asia, President Obama, visited Japan for a few days. This visit was designed to strengthen relations with Japan, as well as, assist in gathering support for TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).

In order to keep the president safe during his visit, security was increased, people were not allowed to travel to where he was staying, and vending machines (自動販売機) were closed. That's right, people couldn't use vending machines in the area the president was staying. 

When President Obama visited Japan, people in the U.S. were informed of his travels as well as how "inconvenienced" Japanese people were because they were not allowed to use vending machines in stations close to the president. Again, whether Japanese people felt inconvenienced or not, I don't know but this is the perception that is provided by the media. 

                                 Example of different vending machines in Japan

In most places, stopping people from using vending machines probably wouldn't be a big deal. But in Japan it seems to be different. In the U.S., many people think that vending machines are very important in Japan. I'm not sure if Japanese people think vending machines are so important, but there is a very strong image of this overseas. 

News article on the closing of vending machines

 As the saying goes "Not everything you see on T.V. is true." This is just another example showing why we should be careful about what we read and see. 

So, is it true? Are vending machines that important in Japan that their closures should be equal to that of a president's visit? Let me know what you think!