Saturday, May 24, 2014

Really Living Life

"I have too much homework!" "I just broke up with my girlfriend." "I don't like my part-time job." 

Life is hard.

There are just some of problems and worries that we all share. It's easy to think about all the things we don't have. It's easy to compare ourselves with people that we envy.
There will always be problems, worries, and difficulty in our lives. But, it's important to remember that most of these problems we can't control.

What we can control is our attitude. 

Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker. His job is to help people accomplish their dreams and live better lives. There are many motivational speakers but, what makes Nick special and different is that, he has no arms or legs. 

One of Nick's speeches posted on YouTube (click the link below) has over 47 Million views! I feel that his message of remembering that each person is special and important is something that we should never forget.

In Japan, Hirotada Ototake has a similar story. He was also born without arms or legs, but despite his physical limitations, has been able to accomplish many things and is now well known speaker in the field of children's education.

It's easy to think about those things that we don't have. What is important, is to remember to be thankful for what we do have, and to remember that each one of us is special and unique.
When you have a few minutes, watch the short videos below and then enjoy your weekend!