Monday, July 14, 2014

Are our memories real?

In just a few short weeks, all of us will become very busy due to final exams. Many of you will become busy taking them, whereas I, on the other hand, will become busy creating and correcting them. 

In order to prepare for your week of final exams, I'm sure that many of you are spending much of your time studying hard. 

All this talk about studying and memorizing information has made me think about my thoughts and memories. 

Are all of my memories real? Are all of your memories real?

According to an article on CNN,some of the "memories" that we have aren't actually real. The article states that research has shown that "your memory works more like a Wikipedia page -- a recording of history created by multiple people's perceptions and assumptions that's constantly changing."
The article explains that our "memories" aren't only affect by our own opinions but they are affected by other people's explanations and opinions as well. 

The article goes on to explain that we also often change our memories as we like. These memories are called "prestige-enhancing memories." Examples of this kind of memory change are when people "remember" getting better grades than they actually did or voting in more elections than they did. 

So can we always trust what we remember? Apparently not, but don't use that as an excuse to not study. 

If you are looking for an interesting video about memories, check out this YouTube video. Click Here to learn 10 more reasons by we shouldn't always trust what we know. Have a good weekend!  (Mike)