Thursday, July 3, 2014

News: Japan may remove some sanctions on North Korea

sanctions- 制裁
comprehensive- 網羅的
resolution- 解決
dozen- 12
kidnapping- 拉致

Recently, many news organisations including Yahoo NewsCNN, as well as, Japan Times have reported on Prime Minister Abe's decision to begin removing some of the sanctions on North Korea. According to the Japan Times, Prime Minister Abe stated that "...this is only a start. We are determined to do everything we can, with a renewed effort, toward a comprehensive resolution."

By beginning to remove some of the sanctions, Prime Minister Abe is hoping to understand the fate of at least a dozen missing people.

In the past, there have been other attempts to talk with North Korea about their knowledge of any kidnappings but the all the talks led to very little results. It is still unclear how much North Korea will assist in providing help but Prime Minister Abe has taken a 1st step hoping that North Korea will make a 2nd step toward progress and resolution of this issue.  (Mike)