Thursday, April 24, 2014

Proof of Extra-Terrestrial life on Mars??

Earlier last week, the Mars rover, Curiosity, snapped quite a curious photo of a bright light seemingly appearing on the horizon of the planet Mars. Although this kind of story is perfect for people who want to believe in aliens, NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Jet Propulsion Laboratory says "not so fast". Although scientists aren't entirely sure what created that flash of light, they have provided a few theories, and sadly alien life was not one of them. According to Justin Maki, a scientist at the JPL, “One possibility is that the light is the reflection of the sun from a rock surface.”

I’m not sure about all of you readers out there, but I for one, always become a bit excited when the news reports a possibility of alien life. I guess for now, in order to “see” alien life, I'll still have to keep watching E.T. or reruns of the X-Files.   (Mike)