Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scientists report to have created artificial blood!

Science is so cool!

A recent article in The Telegraph, a popular British newspaper, stated that scientists in England have developed a way to manufacture (produce) artificial blood. According to the article, Marc Turner and his team have created a way to create red blood cells from iPS cells.  Even more amazing, the blood that Professor Turner and his team have created is type O negative, the only kind of blood that all humans can receive.

This is the first time blood has been created that can be used in human transfusions (輸血).  According to Professor Tuner, actual tests on humans won't start until next year, but he said he is "confident that the artificial cells will be safe". Using Professor Tuner's method, it currently costs about 200 dollars US to create one liter of blood. Professor Tuner is hoping that after the tests next year, the cost will be much cheaper.

Link to article about Artificial Blood 

My thoughts:
Although we may soon be able to buy blood in the near future, let's not forget to donate blood (献血) whenever we can. Recently, the Red Cross come to ShimaDai to collect blood from students and staff. Although many students donated, the Red Cross is in desperate need of blood to help save people's lives. Please consider donating today. I have provided links to places you can give below.

Remember, you can save lives tomorrow, by giving today.