Friday, October 17, 2014

Know the Truth about Ebola

In Japan, Ebola has been on the news everyday. Thousands of people, mostly in West Africa have contracted the disease and died. Even more recently, a few people in America have died from the disease as well.

So what can you do?

I believe the most important answer to this question is to educate yourself about the virus.

So how does Ebola spread from one person to another?

According to CNN, the virus can only spread when bodily fluids like blood or saliva enter your body. So even if you touched someone with the virus with your hand, you would only receive the virus if you had a cut on your skin.

The virus can also enter your body through your eyes and other places but, it is important to understand that it is easier to catch a cold or flu that it is to catch Ebola.

Click here to watch the video about how Ebola spreads

Recently, many news teams have traveled to West Africa to report on the current situation. One of these teams, Vice News, created a 30 minute documentary about the situation. Although it is difficult to watch, I feel it is important to understand that real people are become sick and dying.

30 minute documentary about Ebola in Liberia

As a warning, the video does show people sick and dying from the disease.