Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome Back!

(image credit: Far Side comics)
Hello all and welcome back to another semester at ShimaDai!
I hope everyone had a very enjoyable summer vacation. I also hope that you didn't forget everything you learned last semester.

Today, I would like to provide everyone with a few links about the English language that I think will help re-motivate end encourage you to continue with your studies.

The first link is an animated video about the history of plural words. In 4 minutes the video does a very good job explaining why in English we say the plural "S" is added to some words and not to others. Why is the plural of cat, cats but the plural of foot, feet? Watch the video to learn why.

 a brief history of plural words 

The next video helps explain how to correctly use a comma. I have to admit, I too have problems using commas. But, I found this video to be very helpful in deciding when to use them.

A comma Story

Welcome Back to School!