Friday, May 29, 2015

Be careful when using your smart phone

It is a fact that most people in Japan regularly carry and use a cell phone. Although cell phones assist us in many ways, they can also be dangerous to ourselves and to those around us. The following stories are examples of just how unsafe using a cell while doing something else can be.

While on his way to work, Malone was paying attention to his smartphone and not paying any attention to where he was walking, when he stepped on a four-foot bull snake, which attacked and bit him in the leg. Even though the snake did bite him, it was not poisonous and the man will be okay. 
This isn't the first time people have put themselves, or others, in danger while walking and using their phone.
There was a woman who was walking and texting while in a shopping mall in the United States. She was very focused on her cell phone and wasn't paying attention to where her feet were heading and she fell right into a fountain in the middle of the mall. Please see the video below to watch how it happened. It's pretty funny. 
Fortunately this woman wasn't hurt but sometimes the story doesn't always have a happy ending. 
Liz Mark was a normal student. Unfortunately, she decided to use her cell phone to send a text message while driving.  The decision to use her cell phone almost resulted in Liz losing her life.  Although she didn't die, Liz would never be the same. She lost sight in one eye, the ability to smell or cry, along with many other complex health problems.  Below is a video explaining her story. 
While driving around Shimane and Japan, I can regularly see people using their phones while driving. Even though you may think you are a good driver, please refrain from texting while driving or doing anything else for that matter. It just may save a life.  (Mike)