Tuesday, June 2, 2015


If language is knowing how to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your audience, then the 2-man team of Garmarjobat is fluent in every language around the wold.  According to their website, "Ketch!, who has a red mohawk, had been performing pantomime as a solo performer, until the fateful encounter with HIRO-PON, who has a yellow mohawk. They soon got together and started Gamarjobat in 1999. "Gamarjobat" means "Hello" in Georgian."
Although I had heard of this group before, it wasn't until a recent post on Facebook did I actually understand what this comedy pair did. 
Unlike most comedy groups in Japan and around the world, Gamarjobat creates skits that don't require language. Their gestures, facial expressions, and visual aids communicate their intentions. This form of comedy is called pantomime. This is a very good example of how much language relies on how we communicate rather than what we actually say. 
Gamarjobat has traveled around the world performing their act to thousands of people. Although their acts have changed throughout the years, the two man group has relied on their ability to make an audience laugh rather than their language skills. I often tell my students that their vocabulary and grammar knowledge is high enough for almost any situation. Its not a matter of studying more vocabulary, what is important is getting out there and communicating your thoughts and feelings to those around you.  (Mike)