Thursday, July 9, 2015

Giant Fighting Robots?!?

The future is NOW!
Last month, a U.S. based company called MegaBots created a YouTube video showing their latest product, a giant robot. MegaBots creates and sells giant robots. 
In the video, the company issued a challenge to, Suidobashi, a similar Japanese company that also makes giant robots. Please watch the video below. 
In response to the video, the CEO of Suidobashi Kogoro Kurata responded, saying, "I'll fight. Absolutely. It's interesting, I'll give them that," Kurata continued in the video response on YouTube.  Here's the video. 
The MegaBots challenge gives both teams a year to make the necessary modifications to engage in robot-on-robot combat. I really hope that this can and does happen. I would love to see this become the next national sport. Imagine if it became the next Olympic sport, how awesome would that be? (Mike)