Friday, July 24, 2015

The world in Slow Motion!

There is so much more happening around us than we will ever see. 
But two friends are trying to show the truth.  
Their YouTube channel is called "The Slow Mo Guys"and that's what they do, they record the world in slow motion. 
Below is just one of their many videos. This video shows a CD shattering from spinning too quickly. In the video, The CD is spun too quickly and shatters. The whole process of how the CD shatters is captured on video at 170,000 frames per second. That 170,000 pictures taken every second! Now, that's fast!
The Slo-Mo Guys have recorded hundreds of objects being blow up and broken. I've watched a number of their videos now and have been surprised from each video by how the world is actually moving around me. 
The video above is a personal favorite of mine. It shows a person, one of the Slo-Mo Guys, being hit in the face with a soccer ball (football). I love how his face changes throughout the video. Check out their channel and let me know what you think! Which video is your favorite? (Mike)